You’re Not Alone If You Feel Lost

Few of us dare to admit we are lost, but in truth we all are.
We search for the next big idea, the next job, the answers to meaningful questions.

Search engines are the most popular websites on the internet after all.

The beauty though is that there are many lighthouses in the world.

Many ports for our lost ships to dock. There are always people out there who will help with our questions.

Keep looking, keep searching for you, maybe listen to yourself a little bit more than you do to google.

Google is great for tactics, the direction has always lived in side you.

Listen for the direction and you will hear it.

The Easiest Way To Silence My Space Monkey

Is give it a beer.

Yep. That’s a problem.

During most days my space monkey can go to fever pitch at some point. The stress and strains of daily life drive it into the trees where it happily throws peanuts at me. Unrelenting on long days never ceasing.

And on those days when the world is in a spin the only solution is a beer or five. The Space Monkey goes to sleep for the first four.

On the fifth though it awakens, it’s ready to engage and interfere again. Even though drinking was its idea, now it’s pissed off because I’ve tip toed into the territory of having too much. Now when I get home I’m eating cheese and any other crap in the house. The Space Monkey has taken over the decision making process, or more to the point the bad decision making process.

The morning will come too quick and with it a miserable space monkey that’s got a hangover.

Be careful when you quieten your space monkey with a treat like coffee, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs, there’s always a price to pay on the other side. The space monkey takes a break during the consumption but after the event if you are not careful the space monkey is gonna be real pissy with you, and guess what the only thing that quietens it down is…?

Stay Fascinated Stay Hungry

Golf has a brilliant way of kicking you in the nuts if you aren’t fascinated by it.

If you’re not at the races it lets you know. It tells you.
If you think you’ve got the game cracked and you relax, it says, no way You haven’t cracked me yet.

Every shot deserves all of your attention, all of your fascination. They are all worth 1 on the scorecard after all.

You know when you stand on any shot that anything can happen, so we have to focus.

It’s what makes the game fun.

Now get fascinated off the course too. Get fascinated with your life, your kids, wife/husband, friends, get fascinated by everything. It’s more fun and you know anything can happen.

Just like your next golf shot, don’t take your life for granted.

Your Dreams Are Not Hard To Concentrate On

Dreams are easy to think about. Those things you really want. Think about your family being happy and healthy. That’s easy right? Takes no effort at all.

Quite simply what you want isn’t hard to think about.

Think about that Ferrari you fantasy about, think about putting it on the drive and showing off driving it. Is it easier or harder to think about than your family being happy and healthy?

Both are fantasies that will be tough to happen in this current world. You’re smart enough to know that.

If you’re like me, and I’m pretty sure you are, you will find it easy to day dream about a happy family life and harder to think about the shiny Ferrari on the drive.

Why is this. Well because I don’t want a Ferrari. I have bigger dreams than that.

It’s easy to focus on what we want, what we really want. If you can’t focus on it then your inner self is probably telling you that you don’t really want it.

Take the theory for a day dream spin. Think about the things you think you want in life. Notice which ones come easy to your mind and which ones are cloudy.

Dream big here, take a walk around a fantasy world where you can do anything and be anywhere. The place you can imagine the most vividly is the the place you really want to be and that’s what you should take dead aim at.

If You Want To Move Forward Get Off Your Knees And Move

I don’t know if you are begging or praying but either way get off your knees.

Nobody will do it for you, no divine power will give you a better job or more money or a healthy body.

You do have to visualise it first of course, but there’s a difference between wishing and visualising something. You’d never cross the road if you didn’t visualise moving to the other side 1st. You don’t wish the cars would all stop moving and there was zero risk though do you? You see the gap and then go with true faith in yourself and your ability to make it to the other side. .

See it, in your mind as if it already happened, see whatever it is you really want and then move towards that goal every day. Gentle pressure relentlessly applied to your goals will make them happen but you do have to do something.

Get what you want in life, not the bull shit wants like a new tv or a holiday. What you really want, what you wanted as a kid and still want now. You know what it is, the little voice no matter how quiet it is-is still telling you. Go after that.

You can have all you want, of that I am certain but the Law Of Attraction has ACTION on the end of it for a reason.

Don’t Look Back And Wish You’d Trusted You More

I know if I carried on the way I was five years ago, I would look back and wish I’d just trusted me more.

Even now I look back at how I was as a kid and wish, but don’t regret, that I’d just had a little bit more faith in me. A little more trust that I knew what I was doing.

You don’t have to get involved in everything you do by over analysing it. You just have to go with your gut and go for it.

Trust that there’s a unique power in you that you don’t understand. And that it’s that power that will give you all the results you need.

Just make sure you are helping your super powers by not stifling them. Make sure you are letting your true self flow and not sitting on it and slowing you down.

Trust yourself. Always. You know the answers.